Attacus Atlas 4-Pack 16oz Cans

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The largest moth species on planet Earth, the Attacus Atlas, emerges from metamorphosis into its final form; it only lives for a few days. The moth’s life is so brief that it doesn’t have a need to eat, thus it has no mouth. A perfect metaphor for the world’s largest and most heavily-dosed IPAs, with their intense but brief existence. Monstrously aromatic IPAs made from the best hops don’t last forever. This rarity of the two as well as the fleeting nature of hop aromas reminds us to partake now and wait no longer. Attacus Atlas is here for a good time, not a long time. 

At 9% ABV, our highest gravity IPA uses a vast amount of hand-selected Australian Galaxy hops. With super-saturated highlights of mixed berry, mint, melon, tangerine, and pine sap, Attacus is an opulent hit of tropical resin straight to the dome. 9% ABV

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